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Revolutionised Hospital Nutrition System Software

20 years in the making, Hospcater has been specifically developed alongside key hospital stakeholders to control & improve all aspects of hospital catering.

Maintain kitchen management with less staff
Auditable production controls - for yield, HACCP & batch requests
Stock receival, pricing & quantity control for your kitchen
Menu planning & production systems for current & planned new menus
Auto purchase ordering based on menu & patient numbers, while allowing double authentication prior to dispatch
Cost control for meals to contract base, & allow average & last cost reviews.

HospCater features


Recipe Development

Expand the details of your recipes with  10 levels of meal assembly. Carry through your individual component allergens and nutritional values to comply with patient requirements. Automatically determine individual meal costing and expected cooking yields


Stock Management

Supervise and maintain stock inventory with notifications when stock reaches minimum and maximum reserve levels. Receive alerts when raw ingredient prices shift which may cause meal budgets to blow out.


Purchase Orders

Save time in execution with automatically generated purchase orders based on menu rotation and predicted patient numbers. With full auto logging, know immediately which generated orders have been approved, edited, and sent.


Satellite Kitchen Hub

Maintain orders, stock inventory, meal production and delivery requirements for multiple kitchen locations with one centralised hub. 


Data Management

Supervise all areas of data, assign authorisation with differing levels of accessibility and maintain full data security with onsite data with hospitals owning their patient data.  



Create customisable reports to manage and evaluate all aspects of the food management workflow.

  • How can we be assured our data is safe and protected?
    The creator of this program has worked with SA Health for over 25 years on a windows version of this product. It began with a catering arm of Qantas, then The Royal Adelaide Hospital purchased this product and set up an arrangement with Accede, who had developed the product to modify it to suite the hospital needs. Over the next 25 years, this product supported the Kitchen, Kitchen Monitors, Dieticians, HENS and many other administrative duties all resolving around the Nutritional supplies to patients. Throughout all this time, it was clear to Accede that the data needed to remain with and under the control of the SA Health IT division. As such, when this product was recreated from the windows-based product, we decided it was best if this products data could reside where the hospital decreed. The data is based in Microsoft SQL and all this data remains the property of the hospital that is using this facility. How often they backup, how much access they offer is all at their discretion. However, as this product may reside on the cloud, we have used many of the standard recognised safety features, for example 2 factor authentication.
  • How can we be certain this is the best product for our hospital needs?
    The HospSuite of software was created for hospitals, with hospital staff direction. The core platform of this product has and is working in a live sense in a large hospital in South Australia, which has multiple satellite kitchens it supports. This has been a successful product for over 25 years. It is not a stagnant product, so as new rules and features are requested, they have been added, and as a company, we wish to make sure that this remains the Best Nutritional Services based product on the market. The company that began this product is now in its 40th year of business in IT Database creation and service – Accede is a solid reliable and caring company, who cares about its clients.
  • What if we have an issue with our monthly payment for the license usage?
    There is an encryption key in the software that will allow you access for a period of time to allow you to fix this payment issue – only the recognised administrators will be emailed if there is a problem with your payment, so do not worry about staff or patients knowing of issues. If you do not restore your payment, then you will retain your data as that is on your server, but the Access portal will cease to function after 30 days.

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